At Bul Box, We Value…


The Heart

The heart is at the center of all we do, it’s our passion and our drive. We create these dishes, these flavors, because we love what we do and we are fulfilled when we introduce a customer to a new flavor or favorite dish. Without passion, without heart, none of this works.


The Hands

The hands are the tools of the heart. Our hands welcome customers and affirm team members. With our hands, we meet our rigorous standards and deliver an experience that we are proud of.


The Food

With our heart and hands combined we produce bold and thoughtful offerings with the freshest possible ingredients. Our concern for quality and consistency is paramount; if it falters, then so do we. We are self-motivated in the pursuit of perfection.

Bul Box

We are Bul Box.

Fueled by our passion for the cuisines of Asia and beyond, we craft dishes with boundless flavors and customizability. Using the freshest possible ingredients, we offer a variety of mouth-watering signature boxes inspired by our favorite destinations, as well as a variety of customizable options to please fitness fiends and carboholics alike. So come walk through our door and experience a journey of flavor. There’s something here for everyone.

Who We Are

The best lives revolve around mealtime. Some of our earliest and fondest memories were forged at tables and kitchen counters, as we enjoyed the company of loved ones and food that nourished our bodies and spirit. As we’ve grown, friends and families have moved apart. Where we used to be separated merely by chairs at a table, now neighborhoods, cities, and even countries stand between us. This distance sparks yearning for the loving inclusiveness of home, and a passion for the bold yet comforting flavors of our youth.

Our Story

Our own journey has brought us from the kitchens of Korea to the streets throughout Asia and beyond. Through that journey we’ve developed a passion for bringing you our incredible dishes with a worldly flair. Welcome to Bul Box, the flavors of our world brought to you for sharing, enjoying, and making new memories. We invite you to pull up a chair, hear the sizzle, take in the aromas, and enjoy our food made especially for you.